Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elder Mason Rich in Olmos, Peru-November 12, 2013

Hey Family,

Well its been an awesome weekend! Sorry i didn't email yesterday but we are having our p day today because we wanted to go to a museum and it isn't opened on mondays. But wow i wish you guys could understand how blessed i truly feel right now! I got your guys birthday package and the package from Mike! I was seriously speechless! I am overwhelmed with happiness haha it was awesome! All the food is sooooo good! The pumpkin chocolate chip bread didn't last too long! it barely made it back to the room! :) haha and my main man on the cover of the Eastbay magazine! that rocked. I cant believe that story of Gerald Green. Its seriously the same thing with me but he lost even more. I loved that article though! The watch is awesome i love it and am wearing it right now!   We had  two baptisms this last sunday after church. It went awesome! I baptized Lea, who is the sister of Pablo that i baptized earlier, and my comp baptized Gladys. It went great- we did a special musical number and i played the guitar and Elder arevalo played the piano and sang. that went good too!

Yesterday for my birthday the Branch here threw me a surprise party and it went really good! I honestly had no clue! But i feel so blessed with all of these things i have been receiving. 

Everything is going good and i had an awesome birthday. Thank you guys so much. The language is getting better too! Im loving it so far. I love you!