Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Note from Elder Halterman-January 6, 2014

Hello from the Bonanza Ranch! 

Hello family! My new area is named Ponderosa, and I love it!! So last Sunday I was called by The APs and they told me I have been called as a ZL..Crazy!! So on Tuesday I Got into my new area and my new comp named Elder L who is also a ZL and he is Awesome!! He is from Heber city and we really teach well and get along really well, we already feel like we have meet before.
We then got a call asking if we would be willing to trio train!! So we got our new guy on Thursday and his name is Elder B, he is excited to work and is willing to learn! He is a super clean freak....every guy I've trained has been, haha, I’m not talking like just being clean, I like that, but He is like the kind of guy that wants to scrub the bottom of my shoes before I put them on!  He is a great Guy and He is going to be a good Missionary!

There are some great people we are working with down here! The other day we were standing outside a member’s apartment and a raccoon came out of a dumpster and tried to sneak up on us!! It got like a foot away before I ran after it! There are some great things happening here! I love you all and i hope you have a great week!! 
Love Elder Halterman  


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Elder Nichols Having Fun in Honduras

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Christmas Visit with Elder Halterman in Texas

He is doing awesome, he feels like he has always lived there. He will find out this Sunday if he will be transferred or not.