Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Note from Elder Halterman-January 6, 2014

Hello from the Bonanza Ranch! 

Hello family! My new area is named Ponderosa, and I love it!! So last Sunday I was called by The APs and they told me I have been called as a ZL..Crazy!! So on Tuesday I Got into my new area and my new comp named Elder L who is also a ZL and he is Awesome!! He is from Heber city and we really teach well and get along really well, we already feel like we have meet before.
We then got a call asking if we would be willing to trio train!! So we got our new guy on Thursday and his name is Elder B, he is excited to work and is willing to learn! He is a super clean freak....every guy I've trained has been, haha, I’m not talking like just being clean, I like that, but He is like the kind of guy that wants to scrub the bottom of my shoes before I put them on!  He is a great Guy and He is going to be a good Missionary!

There are some great people we are working with down here! The other day we were standing outside a member’s apartment and a raccoon came out of a dumpster and tried to sneak up on us!! It got like a foot away before I ran after it! There are some great things happening here! I love you all and i hope you have a great week!! 
Love Elder Halterman  


Christmas Visit with Elder Nichols in Honduras

Elder Nichols Having Fun in Honduras

Christmas Visit with Elder Atagi in Bonifay, Florida

Christmas Visit with Elder Halterman in Texas

He is doing awesome, he feels like he has always lived there. He will find out this Sunday if he will be transferred or not.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elder Riley Nichols in El Centro, Honduras-November 28, 2013


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! How was Little America? Actually you're probs still there right now. The mosquito bites are fine. I'd know if I had some disease by now...hopefully. It’s really only when we go to this one house.

The lockdown was really good! We were with Elder Holden and Juarez in their house. It’s really big so that was nice. So let’s see...I read our search for happiness, our heritage and suit up.Then we watched some church movies, return with honor and Charly. We played Uno maybe 200 times. I learned how to dance haha, the salsa and the waltz. We ate so much! We bought a bunch of food the night before and then members brought us food every day. On Monday we had 4 dinners! Holy crap I felt awful after that. Actually this happens maybe three times a week, this last week there was 4 times that I had two dinners. No wonder all the missionaries here have a little extra weight haha.

k so this week we COMITTED CARLA TO BAPTISM! We were teaching here the third lesson (faith, repentance, baptism) and we had just finished baptism and Nimatuj taps my knee and winked haha. i was like freak I have to ask her. But bang bang! She said yes. So she has to go to church three times before she can be baptized. Umm so remember Claudia? Yeah so it turns out that she doesn’t even live in our area so bye bye Claudia.

Remember that family that I was telling you about that we were playing with? Yeah on Friday they moved out of our area. It was so sad. We walked them to the bus stop and Juanito, he's like 5, held my hand the whole way there.

Umm I forgot my paper of all my things to tell you so... yesterday we were at the gym at like 9ish and it started pouring rain! The most I’ve seen here. So we got soaked walking home. The main street was literally a river. We were standing on the side waiting to cross and when the cars drove by waves literally hit me in the knees. So my shoes are soaked right now.

I haven’t gotten any of your letters yet but, the mail won’t come until our next zone meeting so like next week.  Wow three parts of our fence blew down!? Oh yeah so today we went around and shopped in all the stores. I bought two Christmas ties and one other for 5 bucks. I was gonna buy a jersey but of course nobody had a large haha. I bought a usb so I'm gonna transfer all my pictures on there so I don’t lose them. K I think that is all. Have an awesome thanksgiving! Eat lots for me cause nobody celebrates it here. But tonight we are eating with a member and she always gives us a ton of food so that’s close enough. I'm so thankful for you and everything you do for me! Love you! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elder Mason Rich in Olmos, Peru-November 12, 2013

Hey Family,

Well its been an awesome weekend! Sorry i didn't email yesterday but we are having our p day today because we wanted to go to a museum and it isn't opened on mondays. But wow i wish you guys could understand how blessed i truly feel right now! I got your guys birthday package and the package from Mike! I was seriously speechless! I am overwhelmed with happiness haha it was awesome! All the food is sooooo good! The pumpkin chocolate chip bread didn't last too long! it barely made it back to the room! :) haha and my main man on the cover of the Eastbay magazine! that rocked. I cant believe that story of Gerald Green. Its seriously the same thing with me but he lost even more. I loved that article though! The watch is awesome i love it and am wearing it right now!   We had  two baptisms this last sunday after church. It went awesome! I baptized Lea, who is the sister of Pablo that i baptized earlier, and my comp baptized Gladys. It went great- we did a special musical number and i played the guitar and Elder arevalo played the piano and sang. that went good too!

Yesterday for my birthday the Branch here threw me a surprise party and it went really good! I honestly had no clue! But i feel so blessed with all of these things i have been receiving. 

Everything is going good and i had an awesome birthday. Thank you guys so much. The language is getting better too! Im loving it so far. I love you!