Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elder Kiefer Halterman in Houston Texas-October 14, 2013

What a CRAZY week!!! So, this Tuesday we were going to drop off Elder D at the mission office and then we got a call 30 minutes before that Pres called us and told us that Elder B is getting transferred to Conrow Texas and then told me that I will be training a Visa Waiter! He is awesome! His name is Elder A, and he is from North Carolina. He also speaks Spanish so I have been putting him to good use. ha ha because when we go tracking 70% of the people that we talk to don’t speak english so having him is nice! I took him tracking on his first day and we found a new investigator names S. He is awesome! I’m looking forward to teaching him again this evening. Oh and yesterday in the evening we were street contacting in one of the bayous and found these boys fishing and we talked to them for a while and then one of them caught a

Alligator-snapping turtle! and these little guys were trying to grab the hook out of its mouth with just his hands!!! so I helped them out. it was fun! I miss fishing. ha ha It was fun to help those guys out. I have been a little sick this last week but I am feeling a lot better today. I’ve got to go, there is a lady sitting next to me trying to tell me that I have  a brain implant in my head and I am controlled by the government, now she is trying to talk to me about the Bible. This is gonna be fun. I’ll talk to ya later!

I love you all so much! oh and the video that dad took was awesome!!

Love Elder Halterman