Saturday, October 12, 2013

Elder Wilson Atagi in Bonifay, FL-October 2013

October 6, 2013:
Everything that we will earn in Heaven is up to US. In the end there is no one else to put it on. We choose what happens. Everyday is either moving forward or sliding back. Make the choice to apply the Atonement. The God given Agency we have means we can choose to be Happy.

October 14, 2013:
This week I got to go on 2 exchanges because Elder F is a DL so I went to Chipley FL and we were riding our bikes and Elder W and I were headed to an appointment and we both saw a guy farther down the street that was out of our way. We started to turn down the other street and then simultaneously without even thinking about it we just went towards the guy. We stopped and talked to him and the Spirit was super strong the whole time we were talking then I gave him a Book of Mormon and he was almost crying as I bore my testimony which was awesome. I love the Gift of the Holy Ghost!
My thought for this week is all about a talk in the September Ensign called "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. Let me know what you think.

October 21, 2013:
We found a new investigator last week and from October 14 to the 20th, we had a lesson with her every day. She has already gained a testimony, told her boyfriend they have be separated until they can get married, and quit drinking sweet tea. We haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity yet. Her name is Paige She is so awesome! She told us a story of seeing on the news of a little girl taking her own life because of being bullied, but also having learned about the Plan of Salvation knowing that she would be okay. She told us right then she knew that it was true. I loved that it was so awesome to see that.

There was also a ward party this week at a members home! It was Brother George. He has a large house and then another house/barn thing that is entirely just a kitchen and a place to hang out in. They had a hay ride and a ton of food. I baked cookies for it and they were gone in a few seconds haha. It was awesome to see how many people came out to it that don't come to church that often. Sister George made this awesome Brunswick Stew. It was so good.

On Sunday, we had a lesson with Paige at the Mork's house. He is an avid FSU fan and he has a jacked up golf cart that is all decked out in FSU stuff and it can get up to 30 mph. It was so crazy. We got to ride in it and everything. So there is a touch of the social aspect of missionary work.

P.S. new favorite food is boiled peanuts 

October 27, 2013:
Okay, so crazy story for this week. I have just today been called as a District Leader in my area. Elder F is leaving Bonifay to become a Zone Leader in the Pensacola. I am getting a new comp that will leave for home next transfer named Elder Mafi so we will be the Samoan Companionship. I'm really freaking out right now so I don't really know how much I am going to say in these emails today and I will write home this week. So I am really excited, but also totally terrified. Oh well haha.

The message from me this week is about the stripling warriors in Alma 56 and I can't remember the verses but Helaman says "well my sons, shall we go to battle?" and the message is if God has asked us to go to battle with our scriptures and prayers in mind throughout the day, will we answer the question: I am afraid? or will we say "Behold our God is with us!!"